Dr Dan Reynolds (Managing Director and founder)

Dan has had an avid interest in diving and the underwater world since his childhood in Devon. After learning to scuba dive, Dan began experimenting with re-breathers. Discontented with the performance, maneuverability and safety of equipment available, and armed with a background in human physiology, he was inspired to design and construct a system with rugged, fail-safe simplicity, laying the groundwork for our current patented designs.
Now a biological scientist with a PhD from the University of Cambridge and an instructor rating with the British Sub Aqua Club, Dan founded and raised the finance for Lungfish Dive Systems (formerly Cambridge Dive Systems). He is committed to designing and exhaustively testing our apparatus to ensure we are creating the highest-performance rebreather systems available.

Stuart Clough (Chief Technical Officer)

Stuart has been involved in the development of electronically controlled life support equipment, particularly closed circuit rebreathers, since 1984, together with the operational use of such equipment for research and commercial diving projects. As such, he pioneered the use of digital electronics in the control of rebreather systems as well as developing the advanced technologies necessary to measure carbon dioxide in an atmosphere of varying gas mixture and pressure.
He has extensive experience on a wide variety of cutting-edge applications with many high profile companies including Glaxo SmithKline (bio-material collections), Houlder Diving, the Diving Disease Research Centre in Plymouth, Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida (USA), Sea Pharm of Spain, Schering Agrochemical, NASA, Westinghouse Ocean Systems, BBC, Dräger, Oceanic Inc, and most recently Aqualung (France).

Dr Sarah Lubik (Marketing Director)

Sarah grew up in Vancouver, Canada, one of the world’s best diving and water sports destinations, and has a passion for marine sports. She is also a certified diver.
She has a BBA (honours) in marketing and international business from Simon Fraser University (Canada) and an MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK), specializing the commercialization of advanced technologies from start-up firms. She has significant experience as a consultant and business coach at St Johns Innovation Centre (Cambridge), specializing in market analysis for high-tech start-up companies. She also works in entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University. Prior to her current positions, Sarah has worked as a research at the University of Cambridge and a project coordinator for a European Commission sponsored projects aimed at improving the success rate of entrepreneurial ventures across Europe.

John Hunter (Non-Executive Director)

John is a former Royal Navy diver and submariner, a dive master and has significant experience as both a sales and managing director, successfully bringing two high-tech companies to growth and sale. He also has experience in manufacturing, particularly in the transition from small-scale through to large-scale manufacturing.

Andrew Bennett (Electronics Designer)

A recreational diver, Andrew designs and programs our electronics so as to provide the maximum in fail-safe performance, as well as future-proof architecture such that we can easily improve and expand the capabilities of our systems as new technologies become available.
His areas of expertise include, biotechnology, medical devices, industrial control, measurement, security, process control and monitoring, telemetry, remote security, advanced data logging, image processing, digital signal processing, and of course marine electronics. Andrew has a BEng Honours degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of East Anglia in Norwich and is a member of the Institute of Electronic Engineers.