Lungfish Dive Systems was founded in 2008 by Dr Daniel Reynolds to commercialize advanced closed-circuit rebreather systems that solve many of the complications and risks associated with traditional rebreathers. By combining a patented fail-safe gas system with advanced electronics based on over two decades of development in marine applications, Lungfish can offer some of the safest equipment commercially available.
Lungfish’s products have also been engineered to be incredibly compact and light weight for a streamlined, “aqua-dynamic” diving experience, while unrivaled portability and tool-free assembly gives the user the freedom to dive wherever they want: Remote locations, past hiking trails, secluded beaches or exotic destinations (it fits into carry-on luggage).
Led by dedicated divers and technology experts, the Lungfish team understands how precious each moment under the waves is. So we provide superior performance, technology, safety and ease of use so that you can get the most out of your dive time.